Chair Cushions Are Practical Solutions For Comfort And Style

Chairs made from wood are hard and uncomfortable with no back support. Good quality chair cushions are one of the best ways to improve the feel of indoor chairs or patio furniture. Whether you are working in an office, or playing video games on your home computer, comfortable sitting cushions are an essential accessory. The numerous benefits that come with using chair cushions include improved posture, reduced back pain, and an elimination of stress. A comfortable cushion for your chair can also relieve numbness or stiffness of the legs, and help diminish the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Ergonomic Chair Cushions

The best type of cushions to get for your furniture is ergonomic chair cushions. These relaxing cushions are made from a special kind of gel that evenly distributes body weight while sitting. An ergonomic chair cushion is designed to take on the body’s physical shape, removing the gaps that can cause muscle strain and stress. These types of ergonomic sitting cushions are quite helpful in relieving lower back pain. Those who suffer with pain and discomfort while sitting will immediately feel the difference when using a soft-gel ergonomic cushion.

Other Types of Chair Cushions

There are cushions designed for kitchen and office chairs, as well as outdoor styles for the deck or patio. Chair cushions for wicker furniture and rocking chairs can also be purchased. Durable chair cushions are manufactured in a variety of material such as cotton, micro-suede, rayon, and Sunbrella, a weather resistant fabric that is used for both indoor and outdoor chair cushions.

Costs of Chair Cushions

The prices of a premium chair cushion vary from discount, to moderately expensive. Cushions for chairs are typically priced according to size, fabric, shape, and manufacturer. While ergonomic chair cushions might cost more than the standard variety, they provide the best health advantages. To get the most benefits from your chair cushion, you should buy something simple that solves one problem rather than one with a lot of useless expensive accessories. Be sure to choose one with anti-slip grip underneath or with matching ties and strings to hold them firmly in place.

Today’s chair cushions are offered in an impressive selection of floral prints, bold stripes, and elegant solid colors. Decorative chair cushions are available as a single seat cushion, a two-piece cushion with both seat and back, or a single cushion for the back of a chair. Each comfortable style can be purchased in vibrant colors that will perfectly match your interior or exterior decor. And all it takes is mild soap and water to spot clean these beautiful fabrics.

Mobility Scooters for Disabled Individuals

Most people have some basic familiarity with mobility scooters, thanks in large part to television ads for the vehicles. But if you or a loved one has ever personally needed a scooter, you probably are unaware of how much these devices benefit the mobility-challenged. Handicap scooters enable people who have limited-to-no capacity to get around on their own to regain self-confidence and personal autonomy, and ultimately reintegrate into society.

Mobility scooters are single-rider, battery-powered vehicles designed to carry individuals from one point to another.  Three wheeled mobility scooters are narrower, and have special turning features which allow them to be maneuvered through tighter spaces. The 4 wheeled mobility scooters as shown in the picture are harder to maneuver around a home but are perfect for outside travel. Every standard mobility scooter is designed to comply with regulations set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA.) Therefore, scooters will be able to navigate through all ADA-compliant passageways of at least 32 inches in width. The vehicles will also be able to ascend a 1:12 incline, as required by the ADA. Mobility scooters can climb and drive over that incline easily.

Electric Mobility Scooters In The Home

Mobility scooters like power mobility wheelchairs can improve housebound individuals’ lives tremendously. Not only will these devices give them access to the outside world, but they can also facilitate movement within the home. For the mobility-impaired, simple tasks that many of us take for granted, such as going from room to room, can be insurmountably challenging without assistance. Mobility scooters give back a large measure of personal autonomy to disabled individuals. These vehicles often allow them to cook and clean for themselves, and give them access to the outdoors which they would not otherwise have.

Costs of Buying Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters can range in price from $450 to $2,000. While this cost may seem prohibitively expensive, the good news is that Medicare and many private insurance companies offer partial or full reimbursement for the purchase price. Buying from a highly-reviewed and known company will help to ensure that you only ever have to invest in one scooter. It is also important to have your mobility scooter serviced on an annual or semi-annual basis to guarantee maximum performance. Keeping your scooter clean and dry during the rest of the year will also help to extend the life of your vehicle.

See if your insurance or Medicare allows you to qualify for Mobility Vehicles like Power Wheelchair

Mobility Lift Chairs and Recliners

Thanks to the wide variety of mobility tools and furnishings available, individuals living with physical limitations or disabilities can often lead fully functional lives. Mobility lift chairs are an especially useful everyday tool. These chairs usually look and feel like lounge chairs or recliner lift chairs; however, the seat is made to tilt forward with the push of a button, gently lifting the occupant to a standing position.

How Does a Lift Chair Work?

An electrically powered motor arcs the chair’s seat forward slowly and gently. This motor also moves the chair back for comfortable, safe sitting. The motor is activated by a button on a controller attached to the chair. Many models have back up battery power options, in case of a power outage.

Safety Features

One of the greatest benefits of the lift chair is its ability to prevent injury. Rising and sitting in a chair can be dangerous because the body relies on muscle and joint strength in the legs and torso to reach a standing position. When muscles and joints are not strong enough to stand, falls and strains become true risks. A lift chair eliminates these dangers.

These specialized recliners are especially helpful to individuals with knee and hip disorders, injuries, joint and muscle problems, and any other condition that limits physical movement.

ADA Requirements of Lift Chairs

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not have any specific requirements for lift chairs, because they are not usually found in public places, but in private residences. Therefore, the dimensions, size, and positioning of a lift chair can vary greatly. The chair’s dimensions and weight limits will depend on each model’s specifications. To purchase a suitable lift chair, it is best to seek out companies that specialize in mobility equipment and purchase according to the individual’s weight and size requirements.

Options, Features, and Cost of Mobility Lift Chairs

Some chairs are simple, with lifting seat mechanisms only, while others recline fully. Costs also vary from around five-hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the features, size, and materials. Pride mobility lift chairs are a well known brand that is worth the costs. With an array of options available, mobility lift chairs truly promote health, safety, and independence for everybody.

Mobility Shower Chairs

Mobility shower chairs are used by people with limited ability to walk or stand for any length of time such as the disabled, the elderly, or anyone who is easily fatigued. Mobility shower seats enable a person unable to stand for long periods of time to sit in a tub or shower comfortably without fear of falling. Users can shower or bathe in privacy without the assistance of a caretaker.

Safety of Shower Chairs and Seats

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) has certain standards in the safety of shower seats. Regular shower chairs must be able to hold 250 pounds. Premier shower chair manufacturers have exceeded the weight to 555 pounds.
The chairs must also have rubberized legs to keep the chair from sliding in a slipper shower stall or bath tub. You may also choose a padded chair to make it more comfortable. Folding shower seats are available so that others can access the shower who don’t need the shower bench.

One of the most important benefits of the shower seat in a mobility bathroom setting use, is it gives the user, the opportunity for independence. As long as the user can sit on the shower chair without assistance he/she can complete their bath or shower in privacy and may only need assistance to get in and out of the shower/tub.

Shower Chairs Help Caretakers

A mobility shower chair also allows the caretaker to rest or complete tasks nearby. Of course the caretaker should remain in hearing distance but this frees the caretaker from a duty the user can do for himself/herself.

Costs of Mobility Shower Chairs

The price range of a mobility shower chair is about $50 for a folding, white plastic chair to nearly $300 for a chair that swivels and glides on its own runners. Buying a shower chair online is a simple process and online shower chair reviews aid in the purchase.

Buy Affordable Shower Chairs

Maintenance of mobility shower seats can range from tightening screws in the simpler plastic benches to needing to take a more elaborate shower seat to an expert for repairs. The more parts the shower seat contains the more often you’ll need repairs.

A mobility shower chair can make your care-taking duties easier to give your patient a shower or bath. It can also make your patient self-sufficient with minimum assistance.

Benefits of Mobility Vans

Without question, one of the most useful possessions a disabled individual can possess is a mobility van. The number of possibilities and the conveniences one is afforded by these remarkable vehicles is incredible.

For example, one of the most important things a disabled individual struggles to maintain is their ability to perform tasks that are essential to their well-being. Typically, an everyday task such as going grocery shopping or getting to work can be a chore. However, the ownership of a mobility van can make those tasks much more manageable and less tedious for a disabled individual. Mobility vans allow the disabled person to be much more independent and permits them the opportunity to take part in more activities that, without the benefits of their mobility van, they would not be able to undertake.

Mobility Vans Help You Travel

In addition to convenience, there are many other aspects of the mobility van that make it ideal for any disabled individual. These remarkable vehicles are fully capable of many things. For example, they possess a lift that easily hoists the disabled individual into the vehicle and closes the door behind them. This allows the individual to not exert any unnecessary energy and to easily be put in a position to travel to wherever it is they need to be. There are side entry or rear entry mobility vans and picking one is really your own preference. Either entry will encounter obstacles during parking and unloading depending on the parking space.

There are a few things that are required of every single mobility van as set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. For example, each van must possess a lift that is controlled electronically. They also need to be equipped with automatic doors and signals that display when the van is in use.

A mobility van is something each and every disables individual should seriously look into. The benefits are limitless. Imagine a scenario where you wanted to go see your son or grandson play in his Little League games, or whatever. Without a mobility van, this would be a very difficult task where the disabled individual would likely need to depend on others for assistance. However, with a disability van, getting to the event would be very achievable. Mobility vans allow disabled persons to keep their independence and to live in the most normal manner possible.

Mobility Toilets Meet All ADA Requirements

Adults require mobility toilets due to temporary or permanent reasons. People with back and knee problems or arthritis suffers find it difficult to lower and raise themselves from standard toilet seats. Those in wheelchairs must be able to slide themselves off their chair onto the seat without slipping or falling. Patients recuperating from hip or knee replacement surgery cannot bend their new joint at first until physical therapy permits. This modern mobility bathroom accessory provides added security and support for the elderly if they are unsteady on their feet or are unable to use the standard appliance on their own.

Mobility toilets meet the requirements specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 which was signed into law by President George Bush. This act provides stipulations to make public and private surroundings more accessible to the disabled.

Section 4.16.3 states toilet height should be 17” to 19” when measured from the floor to the top of the seat.

Section 4.16.5 states flushing controls are to be easily hand operated or automatic and should be mounted on the wider side of the toilet as high as 44” from the floor.

Toilet Lifts and Commode Lifts

To assist those that have trouble getting off their toilet seats, there are toilet lifts systems that can be placed on top of your existing toilet. These toilet lifts will provide a boost and raise you off your toilet while reducing strain on your knees. Create your own personalized bathroom after having knee replacement surgery by adding one of these devices.

There is an optional commode bucket that can be placed underneath the toilet lift system. Once installed, the lift can be placed anywhere around the home where you might need a toilet such as the bedroom.

There are many styles of a mobility toilet available. A bench style commode can be conveniently positioned next to the bed making it easily accessible by sliding off the bed or mobility wheelchair onto the bench. Shower toilets provide a spray of water known as a bidet for cleansing, and a warm air drying feature eliminates the manual need for toilet tissue.

Other styles include wall mounted tanks and a backrest attached to the bowl. Seats can be elongated instead of the usual round shape. Standard units can be turned into a mobility toilet by mounting the commode on risers which will make it higher from the floor. A raised toilet seat can also be attached to the existing seat. Other mobile units incorporate seating framed by handrails which sits over the existing toilet bowl.

Mobility toilets can also be utilized for short term reasons such as sprained ankles, post surgery rehabilitation, injured legs or hips. This appliance offers security and independence to the user to accomplish a normal, daily function.

Mobility Bathrooms Allow Access

When a person becomes physically challenged, the simple things in life can become much harder than before. Mobility bathrooms offer freedom in the most intimate places that are important to someone with physical disabilities.

Life can throw many unsuspecting curve balls. Injury, medical infliction, and gracefully growing older can become a detriment to one’s perspective on daily living. Independence and pride lives within everyone. Taking a bath is a pleasure that no one should be denied. Even those who are not physically challenged can easily slip and fall in the shower or bathtub. Using a handicap bathroom can help those that need help gain back that feeling of being able to do things for themselves.

Accessible Mobility Bathroom Choices

Mobility bathrooms come in many different forms and offer no slip flooring, lower entry points, hand rails, easy access doors, ramps, built in seats, and more. You can go as far as you want in customizing your bathroom. With each addition, the benefits and costs are pleasantly surprising.

  • The entire family can enjoy the ease of movement without worry of slipping and falling.
  • Easy and fast access for wheelchairs.
  • Safety grips, toilet rails, and easy to use shower fixtures.
  • Costs are not much more than installing a regular bathroom (ranges from $1500 and up). Or you can simply add a few grab bars around your bathroom for under $100.
  • Large spaces are easier for independent or assisted bathing.

ADA Requirements for Mobility Bathrooms

The ADA has designed specific guidelines for mobility bathrooms. When building a home it is wise to be considerate of these specifications as it may contribute to a better resale of your home or become an asset to your own quality of life.

  • Doorways should allow free entry to those with walkers or mobility wheelchairs making it a minimum of 32 inches.
  • The threshold of the doorway cannot be uneven with the adjacent floor.
  • A wheelchair should be able to complete a full 360 degree turn. This will require at least a five foot circle.
  • Provide knee room under the sink so that anyone in a wheelchair can have room.
  • Make sure the pipes underneath sinks are covered in insulation. Some people are unable to feel the hot or cold pipes on their lower limbs and to prevent bodily damage, they must be protected.
  • To prevent scalding, install programmable faucets.
  • Mount hand held shower heads on slide bars for easy height adjustment.
  • Ample lighting that is adjustable for different lighting situations.
  • Easy to open locks, handles, and latches.
  • The height of the toilet without the seat should be 16 to 18 ½ inches.

Mobility Motorhomes Make Vacationing Possible

Being afflicted with a disability that reduces your mobility, things like vacationing, camping, and RVing, may seem out of your reach. Mobility motorhomes and RVs make taking a vacation accessible and easy. Multiple manufacturers build handicap motorhomes and RVs for disabled people looking to camp or travel, and these mobility-centered vehicles have all the amenities you need to go wherever your heart takes you.

The advantages of a motorhome over a travel trailer or a fifth wheel are many. Since the motorhome combines driving and living, you will not need to get in and out of the RV over and over again. If you need something from the kitchen, it is right at your fingertips, without having to bring down the wheelchair lift or labor to move from one vehicle to another. The more time you spend enjoying your motorhome, the fewer minutes of your vacation wasted.

Where to Find Mobility Motorhomes and RVs

It’s easy and becoming easier to find RVs and motorhomes designed for handicapped and disabled travelers. The Handicapped Travel Club sells travel vehicles that have been modified for accessibility purposes. These handicap motorhomes might come with wheelchair lifts, wide inner spaces for wide wheels, low sinks and switches, and even motorized mobility beds. RV companies all across the country manufacture mobility motorhomes that have been designed from the chassis up for disabled travelers. Airstream, the maker of the iconic silver motorhomes that have become symbols of Americana wherever they go, manufactures custom mobility vehicles for disabled buyers. Four Winds RV, based in Elkhart, Indiana, have a selection of classy, top-of-the-line motorhomes that can be customized for people with disabilities. In Denver, Pennsylvania, you can purchase a customized vehicle from Sunline RV. If you live in the southwest, Foretravel, Inc. in Nacogdoches, Texas, builds mobility motorhomes for travel enthusiasts.

Pick a disabled motorhome depending on your needs. Just like when designing an accessible room, make sure the motorhome has enough space to maneuver. However, in a mobility motorhome, focus on the bare essentials first and then see what can be used dual purpose such as a sofa bed. Decide if you want a Class A motorhome, Class B motorhome, Class C motorhome and if you want it to run on diesel or gas.

Mobility motorhomes take the stress out of vacationing. You won’t need to worry about finding a hotel that suits your need. Your home is the road, and your mobility impairment never has to keep you from experiencing the thrill of adventure that RVing in your motorhome brings.

Benefits of Mobility Beds

Mobility beds are electrically-operated beds designed to adjust in the middle and at the ends to provide pain relief and comfort to those with chronic medical conditions. Mobility beds are made to look like ordinary beds, and even have battery backup in the case of power failure. The mattress plays a crucial role in providing pain relief and comfort. There are three types of mattresses used: Memory Foam, Reflex Foam and Pocket Sprung. Each has their own benefits.

Uses of Electric Mobility Beds

Mobility beds are useful for a variety of people. Those with asthma, back pain, arthritis, emphysema and circulatory disorders benefit greatly from these types of beds. Because these handicap beds can easily adjust to a sitting position, those with mobility problems will find getting out of bed much easier. They allow those who are bedridden or spend a lot of time in bed the ability to sit in bed to read, watch TV and recline in comfort. If you have swollen feet, mobility beds can easily elevate your lower body to ease the swelling. Even if you’re just having trouble sleeping, mobility beds can adjust easily and help you find a comfortable position.

Some mobility beds offer unique features. Some offer a massage function, which is great for those with back pain. There are also double adjustable beds, where each side adjusts separately.

Mobility Beds ADA Requirements

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires several design standards for mobility beds to be deemed accessible for people with disabilities. They must: lower to a point no greater than 17-19 inches from the floor; be capable of being locked into place or in a fixed position where slippage cannot occur when transferring from a mobility wheelchair or other mobility device to the bed, and; have a protective padded surface.

Costs of Mobility Beds

Depending on the size of the bed and the technology, mobility beds can cost anywhere from $1,000 to more than $5,000. They require the same care and maintenance as any major electrical appliance, and it is important for the owner to follow the instruction manual carefully and use the bed properly.

In-Home Use of Power Mobility Wheelchairs

If an active person with mobility impairment is committed to maintaining long term independence, a power wheelchair might be a wise investment. However, individual needs may vary, and this is a purchase that should be considered carefully. Rehabilitation specialists can help by guiding customers through the process of selecting the ideal equipment for each user. There are many resources for independent research about electric wheelchairs. They are especially helpful for people with limited upper-body strength and impaired balance. Research of internet ratings, telephone consults, in-home visits, and brochures can also help consumers make an informed choice.

Benefits of Power Mobility Wheelchairs

Use of a mobility chair in the home can enhance the patient’s quality of life and allow him or her to maintain long-term independence. The option of completing some activities of daily living in a seated position can minimize pain and conserve energy. Chairs are constructed and custom made for optimum practicality. Custom seating enables proper posture and maximum comfort. A wide variety of models are available. Compact models allow easy access through doorways, halls, flooring of various textures thresholds, and rooms. Home use of a mobility wheelchair can be workable even if the home has no other special accommodations like ramps or lifts. ADA requirements of wheelchairs requires areas around the home such as entrances, hallways or rooms must have at least 32-36 inches of free space and a wider turning radius of 5ft.

Service of an in-home wheelchair is convenient as well. In fact, most users will never need to leave the home in order to maintain and repair their equipment. Most merchants also deliver loaner chairs to the home while repairs are completed.

Use of battery operated wheelchairs can also allow users to participate in more community activities. Less pain and more energy equals more time for pleasurable activities. The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures wheelchair users the right to unimpeded access to all buildings and additions constructed after 1994. Discrimination against disabled individuals is outlawed.

While this investment requires careful consideration, use of an electric mobility wheelchair in the home or community could be just the right choice. Qualify for a mobility wheelchair with a quick sign up.