Mobility Inc helps to improve the lives of those with disabilities and mobility problems through the introduction and education of durable medical equipment, mobility products and mobility equipment. Our goal is to help those with mobility issues, regain and restore their independence, privacy and dignity.

An improvement in mobility can make the lives of everyone around that individual feel more at ease and take away much of the workload. Learn about quality and valuable mobility assistance devices for your own benefit.

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  1. Hi
    I have questions on a Mobility Inc Bedside commode with seat lift…number 082002. I am interested in finding out if there is a way to get higher legs for the chair, as it sits very low…

  2. I’m an OT (in the UK) trying to find instructions to fit a tall-ette extra wide toilet seat. Any advice would be great.
    Thank you

  3. I would like to know about left foot accelerator modifications for my vehicle. Do you have such equipment and if so what is the cost and how is it installed? Thank you for your prompt attention.

  4. Posibility to order a toilet lift or a commode lift a Québec user?
    Any Québec distributor?
    What are the prices?
    thank you

    • My mother made use of the ergonomic raised toilet seat I have in my home when she visited me from Wles, U.K…..She is wondering if she can order one closer to her home.
      May thanks,
      Jan Booth

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